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Care Guide

Washing Instructions

  • Recommendation: Wash all items at 30°C
  • Note: Do not tumble dry

Ironing Guidelines

For Allegra Jogger:

  • Use a cool iron
  • Iron only on the reverse side

For Indi Bandeau:

  • Use a cool iron
  • Iron only on the cotton stripe side
  • Note: Do not iron the velvet side

Hemming Guidelines for Joggers

Note: Please wash trousers before hemming.

  1. Turn trousers inside out
  2. Turn up the hem to the required length
  3. Place one length of hemming tape inside the turned-up hem
  4. Cover the hem with a tea towel
  5. Use a hot iron to press the hem, ironing back and forth for approximately 10 seconds
  6. Allow the hemmed fabric to cool for approximately 20 minutes before use